I wonder how the Diamond Derby in Crystal City went...

today was the Crystal City Diamond Derby
only this is a new and different incarnation
this time around the hosts of the event were the people from Phoenix Bikes
instead of Sheba and her posse

I hope it went well... it is such a cool concept
each time I attended previously it was nothing short of... dare I say "epic"

the Crystal City Diamond Derby...
a bicycle race in a parking garage
I wonder how things went
a glance at the Book of Face and it looks like some action occurred on that side of the river

article in Grist about the Diamond Derby by Joel Gwadz

on the gwadzilla page
images and words about the Crystal City Diamond Derby

but really... 
there are multiple folders on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page

in previous years I had to skip out of coaching my younger son's soccer team to attend the Diamond Derby
this year... I was not looking to make that swap
and then well... I broke my elbow
which shifted my priorities

I will admit... I hate seeing people having fun while I am on the sidelines
really... I hate seeing people having fun when I am not having fun

I guess I should focus on my PT so I can get back on the bike

in the end... heavy rains canceled soccer today for my younger son's team
so... I could have gone
except for the whole elbow thing

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