off the bike... in the car... driving to work rather than riding my bicycle


it is not amusing
it is short sighted
it is ignorant
it is frustrating

people do these things in their daily travels
the same people making the same selfish errors causing the same backlash... DAILY!

I witnessed the same person BLOCK THE BOX on their left turn and then when going straight just a block later
not highly evolved enough to know their contribution to the situation
they are the car chaos
they are the problem causing the blockage of the traffic

does traffic frustrate them? yes
they think they are doing what it takes to move forward
but they are inhibiting flow
yet sadly... people will snake the person who tries to drive in a civilized fashion

if everyone were more civilized
if people drove with logic and reason and within the limits of the law
there would be less traffic
people have incorporated certain things into their daily routine

I witness people everyday knowingly stopped at an intersection making a turn when it is clearly stated that it is not legal to make that turn during those hours
yet... they still make it happen... forcing cars to stop and wait behind them rather than discovering a different route to get them where they are going
then there are people who double park to drop off their loved ones... even if it is NO PARKING/NO STANDING during the hours\time that they are making their drop off
this too... each and ever day... sure it is a 30 second to a minute delay
but enough to cause a ripple effect
slowing cars and causing traffic
they need a different method

frustrating being off the bike and having to drive my car around these troglodytes 

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