OLD POST... DID IT EVER MAKE THE PAGE? don't listen to the demons...

don't listen to those little demons...
don't think about whether or not to ride

just make it happen

there is always a long of reasons why it is not convenient to ride your bike

it can be too hot
it can be to cold
I know it can be too wet... but can it be too dry?
in DC it can be too humid!

there can be afternoon plans...

there can be the need to run errands...

there are always a long list of reasons why not to ride
that is why bicycle commuting can be such a great
commuting to commuting by bicycle removes the question and facilitates the actions
I miss being a hardcore commuter... being under employed has robbed me of that cycling structure

most of my riding... well... most of my riding is to pick the boys up from school
where we race home on sidewalks and streets at the intensity of the lowest common denominator... my seven year old son Grant
our post school bicycle ride is not as routine right now as it has been in the past we took a break in the harshest of winter... there were some days where we rode with our hats and gloves but for the most part... we hung up the bikes in the winter then when spring arrived... we did not make the bicycle our mainstay instead... I ran an effort to make the bikes happen for the boys two or three times a week which can be tough forever changing work schedules and the conflicts of the boys afternoon schedules but really... the schedules of the boys do not really effect things the cross town bicycle ride is only a little longer than the drive and the exertion... well... the direct route is short and the longer loop that avoids the steep hill of the direct route is under three miles and does not fatigue them in
any visible way there is still plenty of energy after the post school bike ride for soccer practice, karate, homework, or playing with a friend WHY AM I NOT LOADING THE BIKES TODAY? well... it is Thursday... I coach my younger son Grant's soccer team on Thursdays we use the field on the school playground it just does not seem to make sense to ride home at 7:30 or 8... not to mention the practice jerseys, cones, and bag of soccer balls flimsy excuses? yes... those flimsy excuses pile up today... there is a glitch often I have my older son attend my younger son's soccer practice for a few reasons... it is fun for me to have him be there and I like him to have more soccer in his life the structure of one soccer practice and one soccer game a week is really not enough soccer for anyone to develop and improve the added day helps but today... today he has a test at Karate yes... a flimsy excuse but these flimsy excuses add up

we rode the bikes on Monday and Tuesday...
Wednesday we could have... but I wanted to take the kids to the pool before taking Dean to soccer practice... again... it could have happened... but it was not practical

there is one last thing...
I want to nurture a love for the bike not a disdain
there are times when my younger son clearly objects to riding the bike... well... he objects in words in the morning
but his actions in the afternoon speak differently
yet I try to respect this
I try not to "MAKE HIM" do everything I want him to do
but... I do not so easily back down
and those little demons... I am not referring to my boys
I am referring to the excuses in our heads that tell us not to do something

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