WABA is remindind me and you about the Tour de Fat

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Tour de Fat is best described by being there. Watch the video to learn more.

Do you wish there were more bike lanes, cycle tracks, trails, and safe streets out there for people who bike? We do.

That's why you're invited to the Tour de Fat bicycle festival on Saturday, May 31st at Yards Park in DC.

Join us in celebration of bicycle culture and advocacy: Tour de Fat is a free, family-friendly festival where proceeds raised from beer sales go directly towards funding WABA's advocacy, education and outreach driven mission. The festival features really good music, multiple stages of performers, a group bike ride, yo-yo performers, bike contests, and more.

It's weird. It's fun. It's hard to explain until you've been to one, but once you've been to a Tour de Fat you'll never miss it.
Last year, DC's Tour de Fat raised over $27,000 to support local bike advocacy! Photo Credit: Ranpuba 
Tour de Fat is hosted by New Belgium Brewing which means there will be plenty of great beer. The day kicks off at 11 am with an enormous group bike ride (show up at 10am to get in line and register for the ride). Then the kegs are tapped and the party starts at 12 noon. End your Bike Month in style with WABA.

RSVP for the Tour de Fat and pre-register for the parade now!We want to see you on Saturday, May 31st with a smile on your face, a costume on your body,  your bicycle in tow, celebrating with us at the Tour de Fat.  By doing so, you make the region a better place to ride a bike.

See you at Tour de Fat,
The Washington Area Bicyclist Association

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