yes... I sent out a ZILLION invites to the Tour de Fat on FACEBOOK...

no apologizes
I have invited you to the Tour de Fat for you... not for me
I invited you to the Tour de Fat for YOU

yes... it is true... I drank the New Belgium flavored Kool Aid
after all it is good beer
I like good beer and New Belgium has a wide assortment of good beers
I drank it... and I liked it
but really it is more than that

New Belgium makes good beer
New Belgium is a good company

New Belgium is a good company for a long list of reasons
New Belgium is Employee Owned
New Belgium is an ecologically conscious company seeking sustainability... yes they are "green minded"
New Belgium is...
well... New Belgium is a lot of things

sure... I drink a variety of beers
but I think I reach out to the New Belgium product not only for its wide variety of craft beer options but I feel good about the company's ethic

the ethic and well the event... my working with New Belgium gives me a connection to the company
a company with a down home mountain feel
would it be fair to say... New Belgium... these are my people?
sure... beer, beards, and bikes!
last year I invited DC Mayor Vincent Gray
ethic and personality
New Belgium is a little wacky
hiring carnies rather than umpalumpas
I like their "fringe\counter culture" identity

New Belgium is a Cool Company with a fantastic product and an ethic
an ethic and a party

Tour de Fat is a PARTY!

a party where the profits go back to the bicycle not for profits that volunteer at the event
win win for the communities where this party happens

groups that volunteer are WABA, MORE, Black Woman Bike, Phoenix Bikes, and Fairfax Bicycle Advocates something or other
am I leaving someone out?

WABA is on the ground floor aiding to make this event happen
organization and bureaucratic planning in advance
then spearheading the greatest mass of volunteers needed
contact WABA if you want to volunteer
thank you WABA

I will be looking for volunteers to help with MORE's running of the Bicycle Parking... they call it bike valet... but we usually to not ride your bike to a parking spot
unless it is a really cool bike and we ask
so I invite you for you
because it is a funky festival
music and culture
a good bit of that cultre is bicycle culture
not entirely
but yes... the bicycle is a recurring theme at The Tour de Fat
not quite fringe
not quite counter culture
not anti establishment
work with the establishment
be the good in establishment
yet definitely not mainstream
yes... I am inviting you to the Tour de Fat on DC on May 31st at Yards Park
I want you to be there 

I think you will have fun there
it is a wholesome good time
with beer
and bicycles
I like the bicycles part
and I like the beer part
and the sidebar that all the proceeds go to local bicycle advocacy groups
that day is win win for all that attend
it is a party
the party is growing
and really... the venue is amazing
beautiful and convenient
it is bike-able from the area
and the Metro is right there
and of course Uber
join the pre event ride
dress in costume
meander the venue 
stay the whole day
it is a cultural affair
with beer and a bicycle theme
yes.... I am inviting you
I invited so many people on FACEBOOK

this is a family friendly event
the ride is low speed and designed to take a route that does some interaction with traffic
but with ride marshals to guide the pedal powered amboid mass to to work as one

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