yes... it is true... just as I was told... ADAMS EXPRESS IN MOUNT PLEASANT IS NO MORE

Adams Express
that little hole in the wall on the Mount Pleasant Strip has closed its doors

not closed for vacation
not closed for health violations
not closed because it is those days a week that they are always closed and I always forget
but closed... closed for business

retirement sounds reasonable
as the owners\operators are of that age

Adams Express I will miss you slow but sweet service
I will also miss your menu
your Korean\Chinese\Japanese menu was one of he best Korean\Chinese\Japanese menus in town
I loved your food... my kids loved your food
we will miss your food option
we will miss you

although there was a language barrier 
I always enjoyed our exchanges

sure... the service was slow
yes, it was frustrating that calling ahead did not have the food prepared any sooner
but I got used to this
sure it frustrated me every time
sure it threw a wrench in the machine
but I got used to it

Mount Pleasant has lost what I believed to be a hidden gem
a little known restaurant 
a well kept secret
a place that was either entirely vacant or overly crowded

Adams Express will be missed by all who frequented it
these were my adopted Korean grandparents
I loved watching them work
I enjoyed the owners\operators as much as I enjoyed the food

even if their measure of "ready in 15 minutes" could often take thirty minutes to an hour
often we do not realize what we had until it is gone

last night I went to get dinner at Adams Express
Adams Express I am missing you already

photos from Gwadzilla on Instagram

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