Zipper... the Zipperheads need to send out a memo...

the other day I was in a merge situation...
I was in the lane that was clear and moving forward
the right hand lane was blocked
the car in front of me allowed three cars to go
then the went forward and I followed
mind you... this was not a construction zone
the blockage was caused by a double parked truck

then after the car that allowed the car to move forward went
I proceeded as well... as I was unaware of the ZIPPERHEAD logic
a car to my right tried to poke in
I did not allow them to merge
as I figure... it we were going every other car... my turn was taken by the three cars that just juked the car in front of me

this driver gave me attitude
I was willing to discuss my logic if she were willing to share hers
I think she just had the standard DC Logic
as in DC when a car gets to a point that driver asks themselves, "whose turn is it?"
to which they always respond.... "mine"

Global climate change is "undisputed fact" or "needs more study." Spiritual...
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  • Heidi Gerondakis I tried to explain to my stepfather last weekend why you should zipper merge in heavy traffic. He was insistent that it was rude and wrong. Sigh.
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  • Kemal Tuncer My kids hate when we approach a zipper point because I fume through the exercise how the other drivers don't understand how to effectively zipper.
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  • Marc Gwadz When I moved from NYC, where everyone takes up every possible inch of space on the roads, to DC, where there was some etiquette about merging early, is that it's a lot less stressful to just zipper in. You don't have to worry about people taking advant...See More
    How We Drive, the Official Blog for the Book 'Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We D...See More
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