I took too many photos at the Tour de Fat in Washington DC yesterday... so many images to wade through

Photos from the Tour de Fat in Washington DC 2014
 the Bike Pit at the Tour de Fat lies dormant the day before the event
quite a different scene 24 hours later

the bike pit photos will surface later
still wading through the images from the parade\ride
or the paride 

not sure of the numbers on this year's ride\parade
but it looked like its participants were having a good time

I was able to snap a goon number of photos before the ride\parade
as Bike Valet was just setting up
after their hour long tour around the neighborhood... Bike Valet became nothing short of madness

the Tour de Fat is family friendly!
in fact... the event becomes more and more family friendly each year

this year there was a small kids bike park
my boys are too large for the kiddie bike park
luckily they are large enough for the Bike Pit

if New Belgium is looking for their reflectors and stickers... I found them
this guy expressed his OCD when he decorated his bicycle and his vest

quite a day...
images will be dropped onto the Gwadzilla Facebook Page

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