Bike ride to hains point... Driving range... Tasty lunch... Minigolf... Then ride home


bicycle ride from home to Hains Point...
we did not rush out the door
there was no need
we had all day and it really is not that far

I am not sure... but I am thinking I logged our ride on Strava
but not going to fetch it
just going to guess that it is 6-8 miles on the bike path in Rock Creek Park
lunch was part of the objective
getting out of the house was more of the objective

Dean and Dad rode single speed geared for dirt
Grant rode his new to him 20 year old GT with Tioga City Slicks
he is loving that new set up
we were working hard to keep up

Grant was working hard to keep ahead

we rode bikes...
Grant pulled off when we got to the golf course entrance
Dean and I did a lap on the single speeds at Hains Point
then we had lunch
Steak and Cheese
we shared fries

bottomless drinks... I focused on recovery

before eating we had walked over to the driving range
back at the club house the boys asked if they could hit a bucket of balls
they had never been to a driving range
they had never hit a bucket of balls

they split a bucket of balls
then they split a second bucket of balls
I hit a few balls to give them a rough idea of what not to do
they seemed to follow my lead pretty good

a good lunch
a couple of buckets of balls at the driving range
and then mini golf

Hains Point Mini Golf
it is a tough 18
my stamina has my game dropping off after the first 9
or maybe the back nine is too challenging for me

either way... it was not my day
Dean... then Grant... then me

then home again...
I think we took an urban route home
I can not recall... I just wanted to share some photos
while reminding people what a great secret Hains Point is

my photos of The Awakening at Hains Point a few years back are amazing

we should have brought our swim suits... 
then we could has swam at the Hains Point swimming pool and made a full day of it

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