Bike Swap... people need to host bike swaps where actual bikes are swapped in their community

Mike Pearce aka Cargo Mike messing around at the Bike Swap I hosted at John Eaton Elementary School
with money made from the bike swap I purchased and planted a butterfly bush and some milk weed
those plants have flourished... but I am not certain that they have attracted butterflies

Bike Swap
the simple notion was that people have kids bikes that are too small for their kids
they show up with the bikes
donate their bike to the Bike Swap where they then get a credit amount
then hopefully someone has donated a bicycle of a larger size
they they purchase that bike 
break down of the numbers

John Eaton Bike Swap

butterflies on the decline

what can you do?
plant a butterfly garden at your house
plant a butterfly garden at your neighbor school or community garden

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