I stopped to assist her with her flat... in part because I was shocked that no one asked if my son Dean and I were in need of assistance when we were trailside fixing his flat

on the Mount Vernon Trail just before the Airport
I was doing a quick out and back on the trail before heading into work
this young woman was walking her bike on the path
she was a good distance between any sort of business that could offer assistance

Old Town Alexandria?
The Mall Downtown?
all of these have bike shop options
none of these locations are a comfortable walk from the National Airport or Gravely Point

so... I pulled over to offer assistance

I had used my road tube for my son's cross bike
I had patches... but I think my self sealing patches are past their expiration date
I have had no luck the last time I used these decade old patches
yet I pulled over just the same

she was confident that it was a "slow leak"
not her words... but she seemed to think that a pump would solve her problem
I offered her my phone... but she had a phone
so... I pumped up her tire and she pedaled on

I hope it held air long enough to get her to someplace that could replace her tube

I was amused by the placement of this 5 dollar bill...
it reminded me of the Ripper's Shoe wallet that was so popular in the 1970's
apparently this sort of thing still exists... just not as prevalent as they once were

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