James Deutsch... or is it Jim Deutsch of the Smithsonian

Jim Deutsch of the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage 

impressive credentials

Jim on his way to work
what is that in the background? Archives?
yes... I think that is the National Archives
home to he Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights
and certainly much much more

ran into Jim while I was on my way into work
we work in the same office at the Smithsonian

James Deutsch on TALK STORY

Jim was one of the program curators for the China group at the Folklife Festival

nice guy that jim

only got a few shots... he was moving at a good clip

Jim's pace had me breaking a sweat
me in my "kit" with my work clothing in my pack
Jim in his business casual
riding in his work clothes rather than changing at work

a handful of people in our office ride bikes
snapped some shots of two of my co workers before I started this IT contract at the Smithsonian

Jim is car free

Jim has been car free for some time
and when Jim owned a car
I think he owned a VW van

shot of Jim in action at the Folklife Festival

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