Major Lawrence.... what ever happened to Major Lawrence? I know he moved west... thought he was headed to Boulder Colorado... I think he ended up in Arizona...

 Major was Awesome!
But I am not sure if DC was ready for him and his vegetarian pot lucks, yoga, and massage... he was a little before his time
surprised the interwebs have not brought up an updates on his whereabouts and his doings

the above photo is from an event I know nothing about
I think it is on the Elipse behind the White House

Major is viewer right with the yellow helmet
more than likely running to his yellow Cannondale
the bike with the 26 inch wheel in the front and a 24 inch wheel in the rear
I had that bike... I borrowed and worked on Major's space when all my bikes were either broken or my frames were broken and in warranty discussion

Major Lawrence

the photo below was in a photo shoot in a magazine called Regardies
DC bicycle messengers in 1987

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