mobile bike repair... a business model that I toyed with the notion of attempting some years ago

years ago... years and years ago I worked in a brick and mortar bicycle shop
Big Wheel Bikes
that was decades ago... but during that era I had fantasies of owning my own bicycle shop
there was a property that I eyeballed and realized was out of my budget
as I had no budget

I toyed with alternative ideas
I had this idea of delivering rentals to tourists
leading tours around DC
and doing mobile bicycle repairs
mobile bicycle repairs and pick up\drop off for bicycle repairs

alas no... I never ventured into the world of small business
at that point there was one guy with a van doing something similar
Better Bikes?
now... here it is roughly two decades later
my notion pre-dates bikeshare
and well
my idea was long before this bicycle explosion

so... we have others trying this same idea
Michael Esmonde has a business that seems to be thriving

Everything Esmonde

pro set up
pro mechanics
very cool... very very cool!

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