NYC Cousins gather with DC Cousins

when I was a small child my cousin Jon coined a phrase... "you are my special friends"
this statement was of his cousins
he was in the early days of elementary school when he said this
but this did not make the statement any less profound

cousins are special friends

last week my sister's kids were in town visiting their grandmother
my boys were stoked to get to see their New York Cousins
because their cousin's are their special friends

we got to see a screening of a movie that was made based off a children's book written by my sister's mother inlaw
good seeing everyone... the movie was entertaining
the movie used the book title, but loosely followed the story line
I guess that is "artistic lisence?" 
or maybe that is Hollywood

the movie screening was downtown so I walked down to the White House with the my brother and an assortment of cousins
then after that we went and played some croquet, Kan Jam, and then 500

and then there was this guy out front the White House

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