Summertime... swimming in the local watering hole is a ride of passage

Dan throwing a stick for his dog Didg 
I threw a stick for my dog Charlie in this same spot when I was roughly the same age

Gold Mine Loop
a glance at this map aids my understanding of the trails
early into our adventure I realized I had taken a left when I should have taken a right
but accepted that "the journey is the destination"

the boys all gave me some resistance on the Billy Goat option
so we settled for the Gold Mine loop

it is the last week of summer vacation before school
the boys are not signed up for camp
I signed on to entertain the boys for this last week
took the week off work to spend the week with the boys

it has been a heavily scheduled summer with all the camps
the boys really want some "down time"

I can grant them a certain degree of down time
but really
down time is screen time
and there needs to be some sort of measure as to how much screen time I can allow

I have memories of meeting Brook Shields while we each were riding our bikes on the Gold Mine Loop
it was kinda cool... she was not far of from her prime
she was definitely more attractive than your average person

I understand that there are certain rules
but there are other rules in life as well
be safe... be smart... be respectful
love and life life

Didg had a good time for sure

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