thanks Dave and Company... lots of fun riding the Robin Williams Memorial Ride... thought we would head down Pearl Street in Boulder... but that was not on our route...

Dave... the Master of Ceremony

Robin William's Memorial Ride in Washington DC

there was a meet up for a ride to memorialize the passing of a actor\comedian that touched so many of our lives
an actor\comedian that shared our love for the bicycle

Robin Williams... thank you for all you gave
Robin Williams... I am sorry for the pain you suffered
Robin Williams... we are sorry that you will not be around to entertain us any longer
Robin Williams... may you now find the peace that you were searching for

Robert Lee sans Camera

Paul... here as a participant not as a marshall 


lots of track bikes at the ride

Robin and Williams on the Gwadzilla Page

more images from this ride to appear on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page

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