the Bicycle Thief... a great movie... a shitty person

some still shots of some bicycle thieves 
stealing bikes out of someone's house in the early am

and they are off... off riding someone else's bikes
caught on tape
these images are in the hands of the DC Police
whatever that means

a better shot of those bikes

last week my friend and neighbor had two bicycles stolen from his house
he woke to the sound of movement in his house
it was not a mouse... it was not Santa coming down the chimney
it was these two guys grabbing his stuff

scary stuff...
here is the breakdown on the bikes
Trek 6500, serial # WL1207017. At time at theft, bicycle had a rigid front fork and carbon FSA riser bar

Specialized Roubaix Elite- 56cm. At time of theft bicycle had a white handlebar tape, FSA compact carbon 44cm wide bars, Black saddle, speedplay stainless steel black pedals, 2 specialized bottle cages

if you see these bikes... contact me or the police
if you see these bicycles for sale online... send me the link 

don't steal bikes
don't buy stolen bikes
bad karma bikes
no one wants to ride a bad karma bike

Karma Police

these photos are of the thieves
there was another shot of them riding away on the bicycles

the best thing these kids could do... bring the bikes back before they get caught!

do these guys look familiar to you?

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