the White House in Washington DC... I bet there are white houses elsewhere..

above photo by Dan Tutman
for over a decade I was the Help Desk at CBS News... 
the DC offices... the Washington Bureau
2020 M Street

these offices contributed the DC piece of the puzzle for The Evening News, The Early Show (now CBS News This Morning or something to that effect,) there were producers for 60 Minutes, and of course DC hosts the studios for Bob Schieffer and Face the Nation

I avoided mentioning it... due to the effort to keep my electronic world and my work world separate
those were interesting times

that was my job...
I took it pretty much for granted that I would drift into the White House, the US Capitol, District Court, Justice Department, SCOTUS, and The Pentagon
when I could not resolve a problem remotely
I would get to make a "house call"

walking through hallways surrounded by history

yesterday a toddler slipped through the fence at the White House

ah... tangents worth chasing
White House
Let's Move
Obama and why not Bush?

those are my boys... I think we need to do an urban ride
too long since we have hit the monuments on bike
maybe in the evening next week
Dean and Grant

long time DC Bicycle Messenger Scrooge

I pass the White House several times a week... it depends upon my route to work
the most direct trajectory takes me right past 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

nice shot of me by Rod Smith
Rodney was hesitant to photo cyclists because of my efforts
but alas no
there is enough room for everyone and their point and shoot

another shot of that woman in front of the white house
and there is Elijah the Nature Boy

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