this very well could be him... Bryan Della Santina... a very generous host for me and a short stay in Mill Valley California

just had a random flash of memories
Mill Valley and me in the early 90's
I am a dreamer... so I think of these things often
I have good memories of those moments
there is lot to reflect on

somehow a drummer named Chuck Braman came to mind
there was this guy... Chuck of the Chuck Braman Trio... but at that moment he had just landed in the Bay Area and was starting to set roots

his landing in Mill Valley had him setting roots in a guy named Bryan's house
Bryan who had been a generous to me
I stayed in his house and then I stayed in his backyard
but never spoke with him since

stopped by and knocked years later 
but no answer

have not spoken to Bryan
have not spoken to Rich Long

Rich Long rented a room from Bryan
both Bryan and Rich worked for Smith and Hawkin's
I had just been bounced out of Paul's house
a house that Mickey\Johnny Ray had told me I could stay at

long story...

that is Johnny Ray aka Mickey on the bike
Apple courier id hanging from his pack
seat cover on saddle and Mickey Mouse ears
hence Mickey

this is a guy named Bryan Della Santina
it could be him... I think it is him

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