when I got back from the beach... there was a package on the doorstep from Laird Knight


Laird Knight is the founder of Granny Gear Productions
it was Laird Knight and Granny Gear that created the 24 Hour Mountain Bike Relay format
there was a time when 24 Hour Racing was the highlight of many a mountain biker's race season
there was a moment in my life when I did very little racing other than a 12 and 24 hour mountain bike relay
and well...
I have Laird Knight to thank for this

so many fantastic memories from Laird Knight's 24 Hour Races
Canaan\Timberline... Snowshoe... Big Bear
throw in Donner Pass and Moab
that is a good number of mountain bike miles

I raced Moab the weekend before I got married
a great adventure before embarking on another great adventure

what was in the box?
a letter where Laird thanked me for my years of support
a super cool Granny Gear windbreaker\jacket
thanks for all those great races
your events helped to mold me into the mountain biker I am today
thanks for the memories
thanks for the jacket!

Tinker and a bee-like insect.

a video by Brian Kemler of GOOGLE about our racing in the 4 Man Veteran Class

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