Handstyles... I was aware that there was this subgroup of "tagging"... it is much nicer than a scribble or a scrawl

Edgar in the background doing some "handstyling"

post alleycat relaxing at "the bridge spot"
the bridge spot is a rogue skate park
a spot under the interstate that skaters have built a series of quarter pipes
and other similar skate terrain

the bridge spot is a wonderful expression of a variety of subcultures
skateboarding\bmx\and street art (graffiti) 

graffiti art has gone through an evolution
the earliest "tags" were not always ornate

one of DC's most prolific graffiti artists has to be "Cool Disco Dan"

movies on the topic of graffiti 
I highly recommend "Exit through the Gift Shop"

there is talk about the bridge spot being bull dozed
dirt jumpers and mountain bikers have these same battles over rogue trails
again I still to my notion of how to treat my dog
when my dog is chewing something that he should not chew... I take away what he is chewing... I reprimand him... and then... I replace what he is not supposed to chew with something he is permitted to chew

I think that the bridge spot should be embraced not bull dozed
there are legit skate parks in every city\town\community in the country
DC may have a few community parks... but the per capita ratio of people to parks is not so good
and honestly... I am not sure how good the parks are

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