I had never heard of Crispus Attucks Park until I attended the @ Wheel Worship Alleycat

what a treasure!
Crispus Attucks Park is an urban treasure
what a great little secret nook

who would have guessed that there would be this wonderful little piece of green space hidden in between these alley ways?

thanks Neil and Kris for putting together a challenging and fun alleycat
I was stumped by the photos
next time I should just attack the course
race for the midpoints

my race strategy is often to borrow knowledge from other riders
there was a northeast address that I had no clue about
so I turned to a NE expert
Ashby took me on tour through northeast

the race started at Crispus Attucks Park
it was there that Neil and Kris handed out manifests with photos of various places in the District
if you recognized the location in the image
then you could go straight there
if not... you could go to the midpoint that gave the address of the location or maybe an additional clue

then of course there is the Smart Phone savoy option
clues in the images...
District Clay or Something Roasters...
these words in Google could pull up an address

I opted to just let Ashby lead me into a quadrant of the city that I am less familiar with
I know a few major roads through NE... but I do not know the details of the neighborhood
24th and Douglas?

Manifest were handed out and people took to their bikes... actually
it was a le mans start
people ran to their bikes where the manifest was waiting
then people reviewed the manifest

allegiances had been made
people had plans

I was confused by almost every one of the photos

heck... Crispus Attucks Park was a challenge to find
but that is what happens at the 2 Wheels Worship Alleycat
Crispus Attucks Park

2 Wheel Worship Alleycat

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