the Washington Post did a piece on "alleyways" and the alleycat from last weekend got some press

article in the Washington Post with words and images on DC Alleys 

it is true... the activities in the alleyways of DC is different now than how things once were

alley parties are quite common
summer weekend evenings people gather in the alley behind their houses
kids play... parents grill
everyone just hangs out

tailgate games... tag... frisbee... 
skateboards... bikes...

my kids learned to ride their bikes in the alley behind our house
this is something that can be seen all over Mount Pleasant
fathers and mothers playing with their kids
trying to give them a little space to stretch their legs

for us... the alley is not what it once was
for a toddler or a newbie on the bike the up and back is fantastic
my boys need more space on their bikes
unless of course... I build them a ramp or a jump

I think I may need to build the boys a ramp again

 yes... the back alley is a wonderful opportunity to play and hang out
playing and hanging out in a way different than years ago

years ago the alley behind our house was used for little more than taking out the trash
the only people hanging out were hooking up or shooting up
but now...
it is more the residents than the sketchy people looking for a dark alley to do their shady business

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