back from a hike with the dog...

ah... Saturday
it was a good day...
time well spent
got some stuff done
had a little fun

the morning started with the requisite walk with the dog
I let the kids hang back
no forced march for Dean and Grant
sure they were soccer-free due to the holiday
but their grandparents are in town
so I let them stay local so they could coordinate with the them
I let them open those Mac clam shells and enter their electronic world

I walked the dog... Didg got to take in the fresh crisp fall air
he even got to jump into the creek
he seemed to enjoy himself
I was hesitant at the start... but I warmed up to the day once the coffee kicked in and my legs started moving

after a hike in Rock Creek Park I took a break
a short break
then I suited up in my DCMTB red and black
oh... actually I put on my blue and black SCUD jersey
then I put some air in the tires and some lube on the chain and returned to Rock Creek Park
only this time I bisected the woods and stayed on the street

just as I had my reservations about the activity with the dog
I was grumbling about getting on the bike
once I got going... I got into the rhythm
it is always better on the bike

I had the time... so I tried to use it
there was the need to get Grant's bike to Trailwerks Cyclery in Annapolis for some shock repair
other than that... I had time
so I used it

I wanted to try and hang on the bike for two hours
it had been a while since I had ridden anything more than my standard short and quick commute
coaching kids soccer... battling a cold... responsibilities of adult life... and a bit of a shortage of motivation has had me avoiding the post or pre-work rides

this ride was a reminder of how much I love to ride my bike
and the mental health benefits of pushing myself and breaking a sweat

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