I have always wanted at gorilla costume... that and a storm trooper uniform...

here it is Halloween Season...
when my kids were smaller Halloween started much sooner in the season for them
this year... it is almost Halloween proper and they are not yet in the mood
funny... a few years ago and they were already selecting their costume in August... wearing that costume everyday for a few months... then throwing a fit and refusing to wear that costume on Halloween... demanding an alternate costume\character

well.. this year my son Grant told me he wanted a gorilla costume
now... I am moderately crafty and would prefer to create our own costume
well... the kids set me straight years ago
and well... who is it about?
the parents or the kids?

so we went to Target and got the gorilla costume
it is super cool.. I totally get it... I totally dig it

I had recommended to my son that he put a few Jason Derulo songs on his iPhone... suit up in his gorilla suit... learn some of Jason Derulo moves... and for part of the night be Jason Gorilla

(up until I googled it... I thought his name was Jason Corilla... but it is close enough to still be funny)

Jason Derulo 

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