people do not like being passed... when passing... pass on the right... that is the smart\safe\courteous way to pass

Great Video By IntheCrossHairs from Tacchino a few years back...
here I am expressing my displeasure with being passed
this morning I was not as expressive
but I was a tad grumpy


at a stop light waiting for the light to turn green
just as the light turned green... I was passed on my right by a casual paced cyclist
looked like a cyclist in business casual on his commuter bike

Dana Wolfe HATED being passed on the right
well... I hate being passed... which makes me really hate being passed on the right

passed on the right without an audible?
the audible should be the basic courtesy in traffic when dealing with bike on bike interaction
I can see that there are times when passing on the right would make sense
in this case... I think that the other cyclist just caught me off guard and grumpy

I would prefer to be passed on the left
I would like an audible when being passed

the funny thing... after I asked this guy to pass on the right he started micromanaging my behavior
we were not talking about wearing headphones, stopping at red lights, riding or not riding on the sidewalk
my point was on passing on the right versus passing on the left
sorry if we got confused
I appreciate this guy pushing things to my favorite topic... ME
but we were not really talking about me or him
we were talking about appropriate passing

fantastic... chase these links

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