pulled out an ancient laptop so I could do some photo editing... not feeling like troubleshooting my Mac White Screen of Death

stuck at a light at the DC Bike Party...
the wheel powered ameba mass is just ahead
no risk of them getting away
just need to wait

costumes are optional
costumes are encourages
costumes are fun
I flaked on a costume for this month's ride

I had a revelation the other night
there was some chatter that the officer tailing the DCBP had mentioned that they "had already received several calls/complaints" 
let me throw a little logic into that statement

some people  are always going to bitch
some people are always going to moan
but really...
in the course of the evening's event we encounter all sorts of people
most of the reaction is positive
for every car that honks... for every driver that cusses... there are a hundred cars that are okay with things
then there are dozens of people in cars that are excited by the site

those that bitch and moan... that is their default setting
they are locked and loaded
ready to make a call
so... a few negative calls
if only the people that came out of their house to cheer as we passed
or the cars that honked and screamed in a positive way
well...  these positive responses outweigh the handful of negative responses

sure... cars may have to slow or stop for the bicycles to parade past
if a line of cars miss one or two light cycles
it really does not alter their arrival to their destination by much
the police need to run the complaints through a filter
then they need to understand that the complaints are the minority in this situation

the DC Bike Party and other bicycle social rides are a vibrant contribution to city life
a new thing... a positive thing... a thing that  makes living in the city AWESOME

we are here... some of us are queer
get used to it

the bicycle parties are amazing gatherings
there is one link that connects people... that is the bike
it is multi-cultural
there are many different economic representations
it is really something special

people who would have never met before meet on this common ground
often making contact with each other and becoming friends 

I dig it

mucking around at the mid point rest stop at Grant Circle

different types of people with different types of bikes
subcultures that would not normally blend
they meet with a different mission
everyone lets their guard down
after all... what is the first rule of the Bike Party?

I think the first rule of the Bike Party is "don't be a dick!"

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