this video has stirred up some conversation... so... I need to watch the converse of the situation with a man walking 10 hours...

a woman walked for 10 hours in NYC and they documented the activity around her with a GoPro
worth watching... give it a glance

some of this was pretty tame
in fact... some of it was just people being nice
while other activity was creepy and intrusive
that said
I am not sure if the video entirely proves the maker's point

but I get it...
I am not a woman
I do not know what it is to be a woman
I think that the effort to stop any\all cross interaction between people on the street because there are troglodytes cat calling
well... that will not make our planet any more warm and fuzzy

if I walked for 10 hours in DC... I know that I would evoke a number of responses from people
in my day to day I get remarks from people
it is not uncommon for woman to remark on my beard
to initiate a hello on the sidewalk

I hate when I am in the park and a woman walks by and a person I am sitting near shouts out to the passerby
it brings down the group's property value
it fulfills a stereotype
it does not increase the odds of that person making contact to that woman

I do like to make contact with strangers
men and woman
I will ride up along side another person on a bike and initiate conversation
I may see a person on the sidewalk and say something as we pass

I do not believe that all interactions between strangers needs to be eliminated

in this age people are so dis-attached
the use of electronic devices has really decreased the use of face time

in DC people shout out to other people all the time
we must remember
we live in a society where people are not just judged by their actions
but also by their intentions

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