Bono crashes bicycle... needs to postpone Tonight Show appearance...

Bono the frontman from U2 crashed his bicycle in Central Park
apparently he needs surgery

this forcing the band to cancel their Tonight Show appearance
which for many... should be fine
not sure if the world was so excited about U2's generous gift of their latest album forced on people through iTunes

Bono Bike Crash

the topic of Bono and "classic rock" amuse me
U2 did get their start covering a classic rock song by Peter Frampton
but I am not so sure U2 would qualify as classic rock
while the other day at Hudson Trail Outfitters I was purchasing some Kuhl pants the Smiths were playing in the background
there was a friendly HTO employee helping me out with my selection
I made mention that I had seen the band (while pointing at the speaker) on their first American world tour
well... I did not make mention of the band name... as I did not think that a person that young would know of the Smiths
she started in on something about U2... I clarified that it was not U2, but The Smiths
then this young woman continued how Classic Rock is not really her thing
Classic Rock?

Cyclists Should Avoid the Bike Path

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