I recognize him from the neighborhood... he has a black dog...

on 15th Street
at the corner of 15th and U Street I was caught spazzing out
during the post work rush the bike lanes can be somewhat chaotic
the 15th Street contra flow bike lane can also move slow
so... sometimes I ride on the street rather than the bike lane

on this day... and other days
but on this day in particular I had someone mouth off to me
so often car drivers will share their sentiment on where the cyclists should ride
a cab driver barked at me
then in the back seat the passenger flipped me off
well... I tried to kill the world with kindness

at the light I rolled up to the passenger and told him how much I love fat people
I was actually lying
I do not love fat people
but I told this lard ass who was so cocky with his finger how much I loved him
yet... somehow he was not so bold

what does it mean to flip someone off?
well... I think it means less than it once did
old ladies flip me off from the cockpit of their car
and really
usually it is done for little or no reason

the cab driver was telling me to get in the bike lane
while he drove straight up the left hand lane
ignoring the left turn only lane every other block
as he was going straight

so... I tried to kill the world with kindness
guess I need more practice

I am not Gandhi 
on the bike my heart rate goes up
my life is on the line
people disrespect my right to safety and my right to space

they put my life at risk
then they issue illogical orders
while they themselves could do to take a look in the mirror
and alter their behavior

ignoring them is the best response
and well... I think I let the comments, the honks, the facial expressions roll off
but then there is the 100th Monkey
the build up of all the attacks
and I blow up 

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