idiots and assholes...

in this modern age there are no shortage of idiots and assholes
their actions are very similar... their intentions are what separate these two groups


yesterday I took my boys ice skating at the Georgetown ice rink
not exactly an original idea
Thanksgiving Weekend? the Saturday afternoon on the ice was more crowded than normal
crowded and chaotic
the egg shaped ice rink is poorly designed

the rink is small and the entrance - exit is at one of the egg ends
thus causing congestion and chaos at that part of the rink
this prevents people from doing the largest possible oval
but this is not the core of my rant
my issue is not with the poor engineering of this rink
in fact... I will not make any mention of the ergonomics of the rental area and the locker area at this rink

I loaded the boys in the car
took an abstract measure of what would be closer
SW or Georgetown... well... in short I would have to pass the Georgetown rink to get to the rink by the Stadium
and well... Georgetown is said to be larger

my decision was based more on the falling sun
so... we went to Georgetown

yes... it was crowded
but the number of people were not really the issue
the issue was with people and their cameras
people who can barely skate... on the ice with their smart phones taking pictures
taking pictures and causing additional chaos to an already chaotic event

yes... the iPhone turns people into absolute iDiots!

do smart phones make us any more smart?
now we don't even know our own phone number... the phone has that information
but we have decided that we no longer need to catalog this information

people need to witness their contribution to the situation
these people on the ice
they are either idiots or assholes
more than likely they get into their cars and behave in the same fashion

as if they are the center of the universe
not aware of the ripple effect of their actions

we had fun...
but just like riding our bikes on the city streets our right to space and our right to safety is jeopardized by the actions of idiots and assholes

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