Lyme? as an active outdoor family ticks and the risk of lyme are part of our reality

a few years ago my older son Dean had some issues...
first a stiff neck... thought nothing of it
then a stiff neck again...
draft third floor? too many pillows?
then there was an elbow issue
thought it was orthopedic and unrelated to the stiff neck
went to the doctor for the elbow... they did not think any further than orthopedic
even when I mentioned the previously mentioned stiff neck
then things move to Dean's knee

"migrating joint stiffness"
now... I am no doctor
but I did not need to go to Harvard Medical School to diagnosis this
sure enough... dean had Lyme disease 


it is behind us...
but recently our dog Didg tested positive for Lyme
well... he tested positive before
we treated it
with no apparent symptoms
I am settling on a false positive

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