Push Bike Versus Training Wheels... the debate seems to have died off... the trend of push bikes is upon us

Public Bikes has a cool affordable push bike

my boys each learned to ride their bikes with training wheels
each of them had training wheels off and were riding their bikes comfortably before 5 years of age
the seasons play into things
much like first steps... how early it happens is nothing more than a talking point\bragging rights
it is not really a measure of everything

I enjoyed my kids pedaling at the young age
there is pedaling, breaking, and steering
all learned with the push bike
the push bike is awesome
but just as there is a rough transition from the training wheels to no training wheels
it is not entirely smooth to take the push bike away and offer up the pedal bike

the kids from the push bike side of things fall back on using their feet to brake when they go to the pedal bike
so either one has its parental anxiety
child frustration 

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