RACE REPORT: Dead City V Halloween Alleycat!


that first Gnome shot is from last Halloween and then the second is this Halloween

I thought I would recycle the beard and wear it again for Halloween again this year
I am a creature of habit
that creature may be a gnome

it is Monday morning... my body is sore
Sunday morning I woke with extensive fatigue and stiffness
my hamstrings nearly locked up when I just tried to yawn as I woke up
in an effort to watch my older son Dean's first rowing race I went mountain biking at Fountainhead Regional Park


my body felt pretty decent on the bike
although I did not set any land speed records
the legs were not cramping or locking up
there were greater issues with the semi-frequent dropping of the chain
enough on that
let me try to get something down before it is too late to consider things relevant



it is Thursday... 
late afternoon Thursday and I am at home with my younger son Grant...
ten year old Grant woke up not feeling well after not feeling well for the past few days... seemed like it was time to check in at the Minute Clinic...
well... we have been to the doctor and his behavior\symptoms are not that of someone in need to go to the doctor
but... I took the day off from work to do this... so I stay the course

we are at home
it is raining and not so inviting outside
Grant is on his screen and I am on mine
we each have things to do... plenty of clean up to do... and of course screens
Grant is more than likely dual screening it 
if I had a second screen I would boot that up as well

there are only a few minutes before my older son Dean gets home and we get on the single speeds and head down to the National Mall
there is a history project that involves students visiting the place that you write about
each child has to take a photo of that place... only they have to be in the photo to prove that they were there... smart teachers

it would make for a very cool history class to turn this lesson into an alleycat-scavenger hunt experience 
the kids could learn how to understand a map
maybe Alex The Map could make an instructables video

either way... the rain may have stopped so our ride to the Jefferson Memorial and then another location... either the Stone House in Georgetown or the Signing of the Declaration of Independence statue downtown...
either set of destinations works by bike
the Jefferson will work even if it gets dark as it is well lit

maybe I should be looking for lights and prepping bikes instead of blogging

feeling the pull...
so let me throw some stuff down just to get this started on prepping for this post school father son adventure

It is Saturday... Saturday evening approaching 7 PM
I need to take a glance at this

want it done before a week since the finish of the race

okay... I gave myself a deadline

but that deadline is not entirely realistic
as I am about to step out the door to grab some dinner
and well... not sure how long I will be "out"

never mind... it is Sunday morning... time to give this a glance and hit PUBLISH AND POST

Washington DC 2014

the events are a blur... I have started this write up a few times

deleted a near complete synopsis only to create a write up that was no more interesting or any more dynamic
will give this a glance to see if I am making any sense

alleycat... alleycat... 

I must admit... I do like me some alleycat
what is an alleycat?
oh... a bicycle messenger race!
what is a messenger race?

I knew that there was going to be this Halloween Alleycat in DC

it pleased me to learn that the Dead City Halloween Alleycat was not going to happen on Halloween evening proper, but on the following evening.... Saturday night... starting late...
post kid soccer games
this worked for me

so... made a quick scan of my mental calendar and thought that it was doable

I did not see any conflicts to my wanting to race the Dead City Halloween Alleycat

although I had a mental note that I was going to attend this event... I had not done any preparation

no preparation... not the bike... not the body... and not even the scheduling 
up until mid Saturday I was not entirely sure when the start time was... I just knew it started in the evening... early evening Saturday
I was not confident when registration and when the release would be

so mid day Saturday I took a look at the Book of Face and saw the flyer on the Facebook Event page for the Dead City Alleycat Halloween V

turns out it started even later than I had thought

7PM Registration and 8PM Start!

Dead City Halloween Alleycat V on Facebook
I even watched the promo video
watch the promo video to get a better understanding of "alleycats"

alleycats are sick!

while on the page I noticed that there would be team and solo categories

I thought it would serve me well to team up with someone with speed and advanced knowledge of the city
sometimes the alleycat addresses are intentionally tricky
so... I got out my phone and started to try and make contact to some street savvy cyclists who may consider teaming up with me

it was late... odds were not good on finding an available top level team mate

waiting until the last minute tends not be a good way to play it
sadly... last minute is pretty much my usual style
knowing I had waited until the ultimate last moment all of my emails, phone calls, and text messages got me very polite "sorry, I can't.... " from  Cargo Mike, Bruce, Kate Shrock, and Alex the Map

oh well... guessed I would be racing solo

unless I could latch onto someone who was teamless at the start before registration
my dance card was open
I was ready to dance alone or with a partner

not racing on a team would not make or break my night

either way I was racing
stoked to get out on the bike
super stoked to get together with all sorts of cool people

after my walking of the dog took me past Pollo Sabroso on Mount Pleasant Street for dinner I was ready take a two second look at the bike and suit up for the evening's race-ride

energy started to build

a glance at the bike was all the bike got
never risk doing anything major right before a race
the known problems with this bike are rideableraceable

air in the tires
clean and lube the chain
did not even put the bike in the repair stand
no tools other than me touched the bike

I can shift up in the front with the shifter

and can use my foot if I want to drop the chain into the smaller ring in the front
then use the shifter to bring it back up
the back works perfectly...
or should I say... that works well enough

sure... it is a bit ghetto... but I guess that is how I roll

more important than the bike was the body

the day was brisk and the evening with its ever present wind would be no less brisk
what to wear?
always need to be careful not to over dress... need to be careful not to underdress as well

oh yes... and costume

this event is Halloween theme
in an effort to be more fun... I should wear a costume
but what?
what can I dress up as and still race in?

not the Gnome?

I do not want to race with a red felt cone on my helmet
and yes... I do want to wear a helmet
why? well... I guess that is how I roll

it was getting closer to game time

had to accelerate my preparation

focus... gotta stay focused

so easily distracted... oh shiny... ah... FACEBOOK
focused on my clothing and the cold
pulled some stuff out and threw it all together

head to toe... moderately methodically... socks-shoes-shorts-jersey-skull cap-helmet-gloves-eyewear 

base layers... two layers of cycling gear

knickers and long sleeve no markings jersey under DCMTB bib shorts and short sleeve DCMTB jersey
then ontop of that... my costume
and no eyewear...

I do not have too many skirts... maybe one more

cheerleader and catholic school girl

then for the after party I put underwear and a t-shirt if I needed to get out of my sweaty cycling gear

yes... the body would take more prep than the bike
before suiting up I gathered water bottles and an assortment of fuel including granola bars, GU, power jelly beans, and of course a small can of Red Bull... later I forgot that bag
did not forget most of my fluids
had three water bottles with different fluids
but forgot my much needed Red Bull... yes... Red Bull

out the door and down the block and I felt the bite of the wind

it was cold clear and crisp
the wind blew right threw me
so I looped back to the house and grabbed a pink feather boa

sure there was the risk that the feathery boa would detract from my Team USA cheerleader outfit
but it was function not fashion
my neck would need coverage through this race... the pink boa would be the perfect accessory for the evening

on the bike and headed south through Mount Pleasant, through Adams Morgan, and then down Connecticut Avenue to the race's meeting point Dupont Circle 
very similar to my simple short direct route to my previous job
not entirely unlike the short simple direct route to my current job

my pace was less than intense
not even trying to warm up
trying to stay cool
as I did not want to break a sweat before I arrived at Dupont Circle
I knew it would be an hour before the scheduled race start
it would not be smart to stand around sweaty for an hour before the race start

oddly for a culture whose job is to get their fast and ontime
alleycats tend to start late

so I had my Pata-gucci bright orange shell in my unnecessarily large Ergon pack that would carry a parch kit, a spare tube, a pump, an Alien multi-tool, a 15mm wrench, two of my three water bottles, a skull cap to go under my helmet if the temperature drops, underware and t-shirt for post alleycat party in case I need to get out of my sweaty kit, but not my bag of fuel or my can of Red Bull


I arrived at the center of Dupont Circle and was greeted by AZ...
in classic AZ fashion I was brushed away like the peasant that I am
I had ridden up on the meeting of the volunteers
a great place to learn about checkpoints and such

in the confusion I went from one mob of cyclists to another
racers in one area and race organizers and volunteers in another

andy zalan

AZ sent me out of the inner circle out to the outer circle
I saw the cluster of bikes and people in the outer circle and make my way there
but before I can even reach the mob of anxious alleycatters
I see Larry... Laurence Parks... LA LAW
someone I just know as Larry... I am out of the "inner circle" so the nicknames are not always known to me

I stop... we exchange hellos
then I cut to the chase
I ask if Larry is racing solo or on a team
Larry is not on a team... I ask Larry if he wants to team up with me

without hesitation... we team up
no more solo... I am hitching my wagon onto Laurence Parks' train!
I will be racing in the shadow of long time messenger Larry Parks
any gaps in my knowledge of the city should easily be filled

there is a decrease in pressure... ah... I have a partner...
not just any partner... but a seasoned veteran of the DC Streets
long time messenger... professional messenger
a class act

Larry and I catch up... 
then I mill about and take some photos and grease some palms before the race starts

it looks like 60 or more people gathered to race
hard to judge
but a good gathering
some unfamiliar faces and then also some familiar out of town faces

Morgan is up from Richmond and Danny K is not down from New York but up from Richmond as well
Henry is in town from Canada and talking about moving to Richmond
Sean Campbell formerly of DC is down from NYC

this event is pulling people in from all around

yes, there are a few riders down from New York
and of course
there are some messengers in town from Baltimore

the Dead City Halloween Alleycat has drawn a decent number of riders-racers

I mix socializing with taking some photos while trying to get myself fueled and fed
missing that bag of foodfuel has me feeling awkward

when I see Danny K making a run to get some batteries for his headlamp I ask him to grab me a Red Bull

thanks Danny... I owe you!

Danny K aka Danny the Boy

they call racers to register...
Larry and I are up at the front of the line

Larry and I are TEAM NUMBER ONE
a good sign? we hope so...

immediately things are met with confusion
the manifest is a contour drawing of the city
just the basic outline 
the the four quadrants... NW-SW-SE-SW

the wind is blowing

the wind is blowing such that water from the fountain is spraying my already cold body
I am cold... I know I need to take off my shell and put it in my bag
I know I will be more cold but I also know that I will start to warm up once I start pushing the pedals

I make sure not to stand in range of the spray off the fountain

some time passes... everyone is registered
then Sean O' Donnell gives a pre-race explanation
then unleashes the hounds
everyone grabs their bikes and it is a mad dash to Adams Morgan
nearly everyone is pointed out of the circle the same way
in an effort to stand clear of the danger I take an alternate route
I head up Conneticut then cut over to 19th a few blocks over
I can see that the majority of the racers are taking 18th Street
maybe less of a climb... but I felt fine with warming up the legs on 19th
also wanted to stay clear of the Chaos

as I cross 18th on Columbia just north of the Adams Morgan main strip I look South
just in front of the McDonald's on the corner I see all sorts of cyclists
there is Larry... I pick him out of the crowd
I give a wave to Larry and continue onto Chief Ike's

at Chief Ike's there is some confusion
more confusion...
there is a team line and a solo line
we are a team... we head to the team line
they give us a manifest...

Larry and I access things... sheepishly I request a second manifest
there are three addressed on each manifest
there are four different manifests
one manifest for each quadrant
we are given NW... Northwest... our destinations are in Northwest DC

okay... things are starting to explain themselves

it turns out that each of the racers on each team needs to go to one of the first two addresses
then both racers need to meet at the third address
okay... not that confusing...
but where is Riggs Place in NW?

in this modern age we do things differently... I scan the smart phone for the Riggs Place address
as it turns out the promoters have misdirected people on the NW Manifest
it is Riggs Street in NW
well... our sit back and figure things out 
rather than pedal and sort things out on the fly method worked out in our favor

we are one of the last set of racers leaving out of Chief Ikes
not the last to arrive... but definitely one of the last to leave
Dj Fantom\Dave has left out a few minutes before me
I know that Dave and Matt are a duo that will be fighting for first in the team arena
so I hustle my way across town to 3000 Block of R Street in Georgetown

I play things out in my head...
where in Georgetown is the junction of 30th and R Street?
ah... gotta take Q Street... gotta go across Jeff Nelson's bridge with the Buffalo
gotta go past R and then back up

who is Jeff Nelson? and why is this his bridge?

Is Meese Really a Pig?

ah... easy enough
I am moving good... but not trying to kill myself
sure I am splitting lanes and not trying to stop for lights
but I am not trying to make anything happen that can not happen

there I am I splitting lanes... cars are blocked up like a parking lot... it is a slight grade down hill... I am moving pretty good in between the sea of cars... I have the green light... but with the blocked up car traffic a car takes a left hand turn in front of me...
their actions are acceptable
but this does not make me any more safe
the car turns left right in front of me and I arc left to avoid him
basic physics would say that we can not occupy the same space at the same time

I am no Bill Nye... but I understand this much

there may have been a little rear wheel lock up
there may have been a little skid and a little slide
but no contact
flesh to grill is not something I am looking to make happen

it was close... but not that close
urban riding is a series of close calls

not entirely shaken up... my heart rate has increased a bit
back into a rhythm... back into a groove... back to moving forward fast
gotta stay alert
gotta keep the spidey senses going

oh man... it is brisk... the wind is howling
and this route involves a little bit of an uphill battle

I work it...
I pass a few bikers who are also in the race and then find myself up by Dumbarton Oaks
ah.... outside the cemetery 
Halloween Theme... makes sense

I arrive and there is a string of doughnuts a foot and a half off the ground
to get stamped at this check point I need to eat a doughnut... NO HANDS
this should be easy

but I am still huffing and puffing from the sprint across town
I fullfill the task... I eat a doughnut no hands and then get my manifest stamped
then eat another doughnut because I think I can use the fuel
Check Point One! YES... the games have begun

Check Point One DOWN!
I point my bike towards the team meeting point  

back on the bike a few people leave out of the check point at the same time

we form temporary allegiances 
as I make a turn off R Street onto a number street I can not recall
the curve right by Dumbarton Oaks Cemetery
I nearly have a head on collision with ALex the Map



a second shake up

Alex is racing solo... I contacted him earlier that day to try and team up with him
now he is trying to kill me
okay... not really... and not really that close

things got a little frantic
I met up with Larry at the team check point...
15th Street... 3000 Something 15th Street.. North... north of downtown north... up by the Wilson Center
there was some Halloween Trick or Treat option at each check point
this check point was Andy Zalan's house...
no dah... I should have recognized this as being Andy's house

I approach the basement through the front... that is where the photo of Andy kicking me out was taken
apparently I had to enter through the rear

butt not like that
stop it Beavis

sent back out the front I loop around to the back

the basement was a bar
with all sorts of Halloween themed treats
disgusting food elements... food made to look and taste disgusting
it was an impressive spread
each team was given a choice of which member would do a trick and which would do a treat

I opted for Trick and was handed a four stop scavenger hunt where I had to go to four locations and get number off phone booths, power boxes, newpaper boxes, and a stop sign

then I had to add these numbers
the sum would complete the task

while Larry snacked on some ill tasting treats I got majorly confused on my mini scavenger hunt that encircled AZ's House on the edge of Columbia Heights-Adams Morgan-Mount Pleasant

the wind was blowing
my focus was disrupted by all the racers around me
in my confusion I lost a glove
the wind stole my manifest
I found my manifest but never found my glove

when I finally returned back to the basement bar at AZ's Larry was scratching his head wondering what had happened to me

I think I was one of many that got a little confused
but 1955 was my total... not sure of the significance of that number... maybe the year that Andy's mother was born? I do not know
over a week later and I still do not know

then we had to get back to Chief Ikes as the central HQ to get the remaining stops in manifest form

we had knocked out NW
now we had the three final quadrants to knock out
we had no concept where we were in the standings
but we did know the clock was ticking
it was getting late
we had to move if we were to knock everything out before the check points closed at 10 pm

we discussed the split

I was to head to the Sylvan Ampitheater and Larry would take the other destination
then we would meet at the fountain at le Faunt plaza

easy enough...

we were in NW
but these SW locations were not far from where we stood
back on the bike and back into traffic

I hammered down 18th street in my cheerleader outfit with my pink boa blowing in the wind

splitting lanes and getting some odd stares
yes...I am a larger than life adult man with a long gray beard in a cheerleader outfit with a pink feather boa blowing in the wind... I would expect that to gather some sort of response

Saturday Night in Adams Morgan has all sorts of madness... cars from the surrounding area scanning the area for vacant parking spaces... cars aggressively pulling out of parking spaces... cars aggressively looking for parking spaces... drunk pedestrians crossing the street without so much as a glance left or right
I take this all into account as I move through the madness

Sylvan Theater? oh yes... the amphitheater on the grounds of the WashingtoN Monument

down past the White House and then past the Elipse
on the side of the road I see two cyclists

it looks like Damian... there is a bike upside down
maybe a flat... hope they have a spare tube, pump, and 15 mm wrench
I have these things... but I am not here doing neutral support... I am racing
I keep my focus on my destination hoping that they are all set 

at the Sylvan Theater there was the task of building on a story

each alleycat racer would add a sentence to a haunting story
there we were on the grounds of the Washington Monument
standing on the stage where had seen bands like the B-52, Natile Merchant, and of course Fugazi

I was the first team racer to arrive

what did this mean?
maybe nothing
other racers may have taken the route looking NE-SE-to SW instead of our SW to SE to NE route

I am the first racer to arrive so I get to start the story...
there is some discussion about my story not being "halloween enough"
so I modify... I spit out something like this
"It was a dark stormy night... I was riding my bike naked in a cemetery with nothing but the full moon to light my way"

or something to that effect

with my task completed I snuck back stage and then off to the team meeting place

other racers were arriving and I wanted to keep ahead of anyone behind me and hopefully catch anyone in front of me

at the next meeting place I took shelter from the wind with the check point volunteers Paul and Joseph... who I know from the DC Bike Party scene
there I waited for Larry
as I waited I got a run down of our Trick or Treat tasks...

there were three water bottles with nasty concoctions

and a box where someone would have to put their hand in and grab something gross
when larry arrived we split up the tasks

the food at AZ'z check point had Larry running for the bathroom

so I took the task of sucking down some nastiness
this had me volunteer for the water bottles
while Larry had to grab some cold gross mass 

we fullfilled our tasks

in that time other team racers showed up and waited for their team mates

still Larry and I had no idea where we were in the team race

it was still early
lots more to be done
so we discussed our actions

who would go to the bridge spot?

who would go to Congressional Cemetery?
and where is Rush Rink?

ah yes... the polo court... I was just there with my younger son the other day
but so he could watch a travel soccer team play... a team that he is currently trying out for

as scientific as drawing straws Larry selected the Bridge Spot and I was pleased to get the Congressional Cemetery check point

back on the bike and back into the wind

Larry dipped down to Maine Avenue while I took to Independence Avenue
quite a different scene at night than during the week day
the National Mall was asleep... the six lane road was virtually car less

the lights were not in my favor

I was forced to slow so that I could pick my way through the moving cars at each cross street
by the time I was at the base of Capital Hill I got lucky and the lights were in my favor
which was good... I did not want any extra attention from officer friendly at the base of the Hill... Capital Hill Cops can be protective of their domain

up the hill passing the Rayburn building I cheered on a female alleycatter who was experiencing that brutal combination of a cold uphill climb against the wind
yes... it was Edgar's girlfriend Alexandra... she is moving pretty good

not sure if she was racing solo or team 

Independence became Pennsylvania Avenue and I was back in the thick of it

drunk pedestrians and drunk drivers
all sorts of urban obstacles
I tried to stay clear of everyone and everything

off to Congressional Cemetery I tried to get a mental image of the address and the best approach

I got off the main drag and started to zig and zag so that I could get my number and letter streets to lined up

at Congressional Cemetery there were some bicycle mechanics running the check point

here... there was a table set up with card board boxes and all sorts of crafty tools... box cutters... glue... glitter... magic markers...
it was our task to make a cardboard tomb stone
in a flash I tried to create a Celtic Cross... the mechanics applauded my effort
I thought my use of positive and negative space was nice... but I did slack with the glitter decorations

back on the bike and onto Rush Rink... the DC Bicycle Polo Courts

by this time it was night
it was dark and it was cold
my body was warmed up yet I was still feeling the chill in the air

I rolled up to Kevin Hays... Kevin was not at Rush Rink... but on the street by his truck

a Department of Parks and Recs official had kicked him out of the area
when I arrived he was also removing adult soccer players from the turf field
fellow DCMTB racer Brian Pooch was one of those soccer players

Kevin of Crosshairs

I tried to say hello to Brian, but my brain was scattered

we had one more quadrant of check points... NE
Northeast DC... this may be one of my gaps of knowledge
I turned to long time veteran of the streets Larry Parks for some advice on how to get to my destination

with a technique less sophisticated than rock paper scissors Larry and split the last two check points
I was given Franklin and Lincoln...
I know both of these roads... but was stumped on how to effectively bisect the city and arrive there

Larry states what he believes to be obvious... Metro Branch Trail...

okay... Metro Branch
I have been on the Metro Branch Trail
but where should I pick up the Metro Branch Trail?
where should I get off the Metro Branch Trail

by this time Bruce was on the scene

I turned to Larry and Bruce
they seemed confused by my inability to understand the obvious
I tried to piece it together

in the end... I took the most simple advice

Metro Branch Trail at First and M Street in NE
then take a left on Franklin from the trail
got it... good... I was off
I raced down the streets of historic Capitol Hill
as I cut across Lincoln Park I debated with doing a lap at each park
maybe score a PR on Strava
maybe even score a KOM

but no...

had to stay focus
had to keep my eye on the prize
needed to get to this check point
needed to finish the race


Mass Ave towards Union Station

then 2nd or maybe first street
needed to get to First and M Street
had to find the Metro Branch Trail... a trail that is not part of my standard routine

without issue I found the Metro Branch Trail

sure there was some confusion
I was near the trailhead but did not immediately find it
but no great amount of time lost with my confusion

onto the Metro Branch Trail I felt oddly vulnerable

why would anyone be out here?
I do not know
but I do know that there have been a number of documented assaults on bicyclists on this trail

I was not looking to be a statistic

I did not want to get jumped by a bunch of kids while I a wearing a woman's cheerleader outfit and a pink boa
I did not want to get jumped at all

the trail was long... it took me through and past all sorts of development that I am unfamiliar with

I could sense that the trail was winding down and watched the street names
I rode the trail to its end
but did not find Franklin

instead of going left... I looped around

I was turned around for sure
up near Catholic University I hustled to get to Lincoln... I think I rode right past it at the Basilica
I went too far up
in the shadow of Washington Hospital Center I looped back towards Lincoln down Michigan

then down the hill I arced a turn onto Lincoln and muscled my way up the hill with the Cemetery at my side
wrongly thinking that the cemetery would be my check point
then I saw a cluster of racers going the opposite direction

"are you headed to Franklin and Lincoln?"

"yes... it is the park just ahead on the right..."

I turned it around and rode with this urban fixie group and we all got to the park where Elliott Caldwell was manning the check point


bobbing for marshmallows!

it took a second to figure out to just suck them in and spit them out

but I managed to make it happen
got my manifest stamped and then had the meeting point at Crispus Park
a location I knew from a previous alleycat hosted by Neil Irvin

but... my confusion did not end here

as simple as it may be to get to Crispus Park... someone I went a block or two past it
approached it from an illogical direction
but I got there

at this check point I had to put a dixie cup between my feet and spit candy corn into the cup

more easily said then done
I thought I would excell at this task
on contrar monfrair

okay... get it... got it... good...

back on the bikes and sprint to the finish
North Capital to Irving
Downtown route?

Larry suggested downtown... I deferred to the veteran of the streets

we soon found ourselves cutting lanes in a long line of crazy Saturday Night U Street Traffic
then onto FLorida-V ST and then up the mellow grade that is at 11th Street
my legs were feeling it
at some point I had dropped my chain out of the big ring
that was fine
the legs did not have much left in there
there was not much gas in the tank either

Girard or Columbia?

Columbia was Larry's Choice... faster because it will be more fluid
this has been a team event... but this is the most we had ridden together all day
it was good to catch up
Larry was still pushing the big ring with finesse

Columbia Road through Columbia Heights on into Adams Morgan

rolled up to Chief Ikes and passed off our completed manifests to Jason Budda
after a glance to verify that everything was complete
it was announced
Larry and I were the FIRST TEAM

Team Number One, Old Worn Out Gears finished Number One!



high five... well... if I had the strength

at the finish were all sorts of people

race promoters and volunteers
then a number of people who cut their race off early
by the time I finished my first beer other teams were filing in

not sure when the solo racers came it

but I caught up with Alex at the pasta table and heard about how he and Sean Cambell broke up their team to race for the glorry of solo

how they ended up building an allegiance and riding most of the race in tandem only to fight it out from the last check point

alex edging out campbell

people came in...

I ate more of that glorious pasta and drank more glorious beers
not sure if I had any water or did anything that resembled recovery
milled about Chief Ikes like I was in some sort of broken time machine

Chaos? Chief Ikes? Hanging with Larry and Chris Schmidt?

was it 1987?

enough on this...
great race

yes... thanks Sean O Donnel and Neil Irvin for putting on this great event
and thanks to everyone who volunteered

volunteers sacrifice their opportunity to race so that we can race
that said... I know a bunch of the volunteers were saving their legs for Ed Sander's Cyclocross Race the following day

a glance at my Strava Data may show some of my mishaps

STRAVA DATA for Dead City Halloween Alleycat

Photos from the Dead City Halloween Alleycat V on the Gwadzilla Facebook page

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