Rock Creek Hike with Didg... was not drawn to the bike... but had to get out just the same... so I extended my normal hike with the dog

how about don't put your mantra in paint on this cool rock
who did this?
Casey Nocket? 

bad... very very bad
shame on whomever put this message on this rock


it was a great day to be in the woods
the week's cooler temps accelerated the movement from Fall to Winter
the golden leaves rapidly turned to brown
some trees remain vibrant
still some wonderful colors
but clearly more leaves on the ground then on the trees

Didg is a good dog... so allowing of my ever present need to Instagram
he is such a handsome subject I can not resist

when I finally got to our destination...
there was not much daylight remaining
the slight drizzle turned to rain
the glorious hike turned into a soggy slog home

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