selfie in the helmet... AGAIN!

if you look closely into his scuffed up chrome-esque helmet you can see me and the Dupont Fountain in the reflection
you really have to look for it
scanned the Gwadzilla Page for a previous photo of me in this guy's helmet

Lamont and then Dupont

at a party at the Lamont Collective...

with my younger son Grant by the Bread and Puppet bus
love the shirt with the built in cape!

then this woman
a woman with a Bianchi named Celeste 
I wonder how life in NYC is treating her
she has been gone for some time
New York is either now her native land
or she has packed her bags and taken off for a different destination by now

did not find that other photo...
but found tangents to entertain my brain
time to get more coffee and finally walk the dog

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