ah... awkward... awkward moment at lunch

was discussing with two male co-workers as to whether or not men and woman can be friends
then a woman walked in... somehow she knew what we were discussing and she gave us her definitive answer... "yes, men and woman can be friends"

which struck me as odd... she is so confident about this
yet so many of us try to argue\discuss\understand this

the young men I was talking to are both in their late 20's as is this woman
maybe I thought men and woman can be friends when I was that age
I can not recall

but now...
I am pretty sure that I believe that men and woman can not be friends

sure we can be friendly to opposite sex co-workers
and there are people we see infrequently that we consider friends
but to have a close friend of the opposite sex? someone that you spend time with on a regular basis? 
I think not

there are a number of "safety" situations where we can be friends with people of the opposite sex
but for a best friend... a pal... a person that makes you laugh and smile
well... I am not so sure if both of those people are being honest

maybe I need to see When Harry Met Sally Again...

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