DETROPIA... the decline of the US Auto Industry is not just about cars

Heidi Ewing and Rachael Grady deliver again

I now have greater understanding of the plight of Detroit and the effect of the decline of the US Auto Industry
the American made car was never my flavor
especially with the boom of the SUV

the US automarket drove the US consumer to buy a luxurious gas guzzling truck
they put all the extras on an over built truck and then jacked up the prices
and you know what
the US consumer bought into it

but... what about the workers?
it is complicated

it would be great if there was a MADE IN AMERICA store
in this store it would be quality merchandise
nothing but good quality at a good price
but with the car industry... they drove that industry in a direction that I did not agree with 

then I more than likely rant about SUVs

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