Lance's bike in one of the "collections" rooms... not yet on display

Night at the Museum... only in the day

there are certain aspects of my day to day job that are interesting
currently working as an IT Specialist at the Smithsonian has its perks
interesting people and interesting stuff
not much money
but a cool place to work

the other day when working on a machine in one of the back offices at the National Museum of American History I saw this bike hanging on the wall
it seemed obvious... it was either someone's high end commuter or it was Lance Armstrong's bike from the Tour de France

sure enough... it is Lance's bike
not currently displayed
I think they are waiting for Mark McQuires bat and Rosie Ruiz's running shoes

it would be an interesting display
"Cheating in Sports on through the Ages"
as long as there has been competition... there has been cheating

last week Lance was in a drinking and driving episode in Aspen Colorado
it was a minor accident
Lance had his girlfriend take the rap

Lance Armstrong on the Gwadzilla Page

although I have not seen the exhibit yet
I did see this larger than life image of Georgia Gould on her mountain bike at the Olympics
apparently there is a current exhibit with Georgia's bike and Tony Hawk's skateboard
guess I need to take a moment and enter the museum proper instead of wandering the back hallways and offices 

Congratulations to Georgia Gould!
Georgia on the Gwadzilla Page

Gwadzilla on Instagram

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