Robert Palmer was Addicted to Love... I think I am addicted to Facebook...

the other day I was at a party... a woman told me she did not do Facebook
then she told me why
apparently she was influenced by a mutual friend who had a late night on Facebook one night
and well... that thought turned her off the whole Facebook concept

I get it... but I did not think that story was really that helpful
the woman who had stayed up late on Facebook is a fine person... but not in any way shape or form someone who I would use as a mentor or a spiritual guide
I have friends who are world class athletes who are TV-Free... that is the sort of person's whose actions show results
while this woman... the woman who influenced this other woman to not use Facebook
this woman often leaves her car doors open or unlocked in our "fringe neighborhood"
in fact... yesterday her sunroof was left open over night
and well... it is below freezing out

so... everything in moderation
keep a balance
keep things in check
know your priorities
work hard... then play hard

there is time for many things
even Facebook

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