that fiat commercial was awesome... what was your favorite super bowl commercial this year?

Fiat Super Bowl Commercial

Finally the world is together on one thought...

he should have run the ball
you know who?

So many cultures, so many different languages, people of different ages, people of different religious orientation, people from distant lands....

lets enjoy the moment that we all finally agree on something

there was no reason to throw the ball...
it should have been just a question about who gets credit for winning the game... Wilson or Lynch?

funny I am so not into watching or following football
but intrigued by that moment of the game

one of the best running quarterbacks in the game today
one of the best running-backs in the game today

if I were coach what would I have called...
and if that did not work I would say the same thing for the next three downs

alright... if the ball had not been intercepted... it would have been spot on
and the bi-polar divide of the happy and unhappy coasts would be flipped
it would have been the greatest play
the most beautiful play
elegant in body and mind
giving the coach credit for being gifted
giving the coach credit for anticipating the Patriots defense to be lopsidedly focused on defending against the run
but alas no
a strong defensive move has me and so many others questioning the coaches decision to call that play

this is great...
I watch one football game this season and now I am trying out to be Monday Morning Quarterback!

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