the Salad Days documentary spoke about the music... the Positive Force documentary talked about the activism... I think some people are waiting for a movie to tell the stories about "the scene"

Steve... Steve Verges aka Squint

Steve would be an interesting topic for discussion when talking about the DC Punk scene and its members
there is legend... there is lore

it is hard to tell what is fact and what is fiction
there may be some truth to some of these stories
while other stories were falsehoods the first time they were told and have not become any more true by being told more times 

Steve is a complicated character

I do not know Steve's story
it is not my place to tell his story
Steve is quite the story teller
it would be cool to hear Steve's perspective of each story

Steve has told me some stories
I have heard many stories about Steve

it would be interesting to hear Steve's account of various stories
like... the Mount Pleasant Riots?

there was more to the scene than the bands
in fact... for so many people it was as much about the scene as it was about the music
it was not just a music scene
it was a cultural scene

what is this book?
Rich Boy Cries for Momma

I have not read this book... but I am to think it is telling stories of this era
my guess... Steve may have been a part of the action discussed in this book
and of course... names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent

Rich Boy Cries for Momma on Amazon

Trailer for the book Rich Boy Cries for Momma
and the Facebook Page
then Pintrest

as said... Steve is a complicated character
I am not trying to script a documentary
I am not trying to write his biography
but I am trying to express that Steve is a very complicated character

Steve is a good guy... we have been friends for decades
in my teen years... I will admit.. I was more happy to be on his good side than his bad
but over time we have grown to develop a lasting friendship
we have always had a peaceful relationship with mutual respect

hanging out... riding bikes... going to punk shows... chilling at parties...
an assortment of encounters over the years
yes... Steve was a DC bicycle messenger
which fulfills mention of Steve on this "bicycle blog"

the path of Steve's life has been an interesting one
unlike so many of the kids in the DC punk\hardcore scene
Steve was not from the upper middle class surrounding suburbs
Steve's youth... well.. I do not know the story of Steve's youth
but I do know that Steve's youth was "colorful"
whatever colorful means

jump to present day...
Steve served his country in the US military... Special Forces
during this time Steve tutored\mentored a group of men in Afghanistan
after Steve's time in the military Steve went to Georgetown University
impressive? yes... impressive for any man or woman

Steve shows me a claw of a golden eagle that was a gift to him from these men in Afghanistan (I think it was Afghanistan)
Steve is as proud of this talon as he is of his degree from Georgetown

in our discussion Steve showed me some videos of how men (and woman, but less frequently woman) use eagles to hunt 

part of the complexity that is Steve is his above average intelligence
it is all very complicated 

enough on this... it is awkward writting about my friend Steve
as I do not want to offend him
all I want to do is share the information
document the passage of time
tell part of the story

rants on previous posts

two Facebook Pages pertaining to DC Punk\DC Hardcore Music

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