Bruce Buckley has posted his photos from night 3 of the Crosshairs Wednesday Night Spins in Crystal City

another great night of hanging and racing with friends in an underground parking garage
thanks Crosshairs Cycling for putting together this event
if it were not for this event
I would have no MARCH MADNESS in my life
these post work bicycle races are my March Madness

thank you Bruce Buckley for this set of shots
great collection of images
so many stories being told
Bruce on the Gwadzilla Page

Lindsay held her own against the men in the C Category
finishing a respectable 7th

lots of DCMTB jerseys racing in the B Category
we all have our little "race within the race"
shamefully these mountain bikers know nothing about team tactics
racing each other... fighting each other
instead of working together

I am not certain how to work together
my issue... my strengths may be different than someone else's
other people can accelerate and hammer on different parts of the course

DCMTB's Kent and Jed
Kent and Jed on the Gwadzilla Page

Bruce Buckley Photography and the images from night 3 of the Crystal City Wednesday Night Spins

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