Bruce Buckley put more images from the Wednesday Night Spins on his photo page...

nice shot Bruce Buckley!

me... me on my bike
me... my favorite photo subject
me... my favorite topic of conversation
me... me... me...
Bruce Buckley Photography from the Wednesday Night Spins

mention of Bruce on the Gwadzilla page

 the Crosshairs Cycling Wednesday Night Spins in Crystal City were awesome
nothing short of MARCH MADNESS
but.. no more time to look back
time to start looking forward

need to start riding my bike
shedding that winter weight
getting in shape
getting my bike on dirt... once that dirt is dry enough to ride responsibly 

great randomness here when I search for SUSTAINABLE and RESPONSIBLE
there is even a great post about A LETTER TO THE FIRST LADY

yes... the parking garage races were a party
the Thursday morning after the last race my legs hurt as badly as my head
but I do not blame the event...
there was of course the ride home
then the beers that I drank after the event at various bars on the DC side of the river later that night

the races were a hoot... a holler... and a scream!


the races were as fun to watch as they were to race
very spectator friendly event
but... I think that people should be there to race and not just to watch
too much fun to miss out on the action!

yes... good times for sure
hopefully 2015 hosts all sorts of cycling fun for me and the rest of the cycling community in the DMV

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