New Belgium's Tour de Fat Schedule... Washington DC is the opening city of the Tour!

Tour de Fat... New Belgium's Bicycle Themed Carnival with music\culture\side showesque event with beer
a must attend event 
an event that is as much fun as it is hard to describe
one of those if you have to ask type of things

Momentum Mag

Washington, D.C.                   May 30                                     Yards Park

Durham, NC                            June 20                                    Diamond View Park
Chicago, IL                              July 11                                       Palmer Square
Twin Cities, MN                     July 25                                      Loring Park
Boise, ID                                  August 15                                 Ann Morrison Park
Fort Collins, CO                     September 5                            Civic Center Park
Denver, CO                             September 12                           City Park
San Francisco, CA                 September 19                           Lindley Meadow – Golden Gate Park
San Diego, CA                        September 26                          Golden Hill Park
Tempe, AZ                              October 3                                  Tempe Beach Park

chase the links... see ya there

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