photos by Abe Landes from week two of Crosshairs Cycling's Crystal City Wednesday Night Spins!

ah... Crosshairs Cycling
William Schieken and his contributions to the local cycling community

Crosshairs Cycling

I anticipate Bill putting together some video after the series is up
although I do not follow it closely... I am a fan of SVENNESS


fantastic commentary
wonderfully entertaining

A.E. Landes Photography from the Wednesday Night Crystal City Spins
and yes
I call the event something different each time I mention it
shuffling the location and the modifiers

this scan of the Gwadzilla page for RESULTS is a good collection of memories and ideas

good seeing Neil out there... Neil showed up without time to pre-ride
he ended up warming up enough to beat me

good stuff... good times
lots of people from various teams racing at this event hosted by Crosshairs Cycling
I got edged out by a few racers from Chocolate City Cycling
well... not sure of the lap count
either way
cool to see these guys go from urban riding\urban racing to this transition to more standard racing
well...  parking garage racing may not be standard
but it is somewhat representative of road racing or crit racing
although I would still claim I have never done a road race


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