rain rain go away... your coming down will be my excuse not to race today...

tonight Crosshairs is hosting night one of their 4 night winter training series
Wednesday Night Sprints
excuse me...
that is
WEDNESDAY NIGHT SPINS... event on Facebook

ah... what an awesome idea
yes... Crosshairs Cycling has paired up with the Crystal City Bid for an evening of racing bikes in an underground parking garage

this idea is a "spin off" of the Crystal City Diamond Derby
similar... but different

check these links for previous mentions of the Crystal City Diamond Derby

unlike the Diamond Derby... I do not think there will be bales of hay
I think the hay was there more for spectators than racers

perhaps the best link
Crosshairs on the Gwadzilla Page

and the image below...
reminds me...
I just need to relax and enjoy riding my bike more

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