Snow Day! Rock Creek Park Adventure... that was last week... is winter really behind us?

ah... snow
let it snow... let it snow... let it snow!
snow and ice please melt and give way to spring

one or the other please
no more flip flop so I can wear my flip flops

right now the trails are a mixture of ice and mud
while last week was quite a different scene

I love winter and all of its splendor
but right now
we are trapped between winter and spring
we are stuck in a MUD SEASON!

ah... my boys are getting older
they are no longer in need of dad accompanying them to the local ski hill
in fact... they are just fine marching through the snow on their own and attacking the hill out of the shadow of their father

but... after driving my younger son to hang with middle school peers in an alternate zip code I was at home with a dog that needed to be walked and a kid who needed to be kicked off the computer

so... I enlisted young Grant to join me for a winter hike with the dog that would take us to the nearby sledding hill
where I promised it would be a short session

we hiked in the deep snow... cutting fresh tracks
halfway there Grant and I took alternate route to our destination
which was fine
it is good for Grant to get to move at his own rate
adults have to "make good time"
and honestly
my long legs and drill sergeant mentality has to be frustrating at times for my boys

it was beautiful
Rock Creek Park looked like a scene from the film Narnia

I arrived at the hill before Grant
with Didg by my side I took a few runs
trying to make the "fast track" down
then marching the same predictable route up the hill

when Grant arrived I had two bottles of Mexican Coca Cola chilling in the snow
what a treat!
the Coca Cola made in Mexico has cane sugar instead of chemicals
we clicked bottles... shared "cheers"
then did some sledding

good times for sure
times that are appreciated
times that are slipping away as my boys get older

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