back from Colorado... Good Times in Boulder and Fort Collins... wish I could have stayed longer... wish I lived out there!

Part One of the trip was spent in Boulder
a family from Mount Pleasant uprooted their lives in DC a few years ago
left the city for the mountains
a modern day Green Acres of sorts

since their relocation I have made several visits to Colorado
on each visit... the Edwards\Wiseman family has been kind enough to host me as their guest

it is nice to catch up with old friends
fun to watch their children grow
I knew those boys then... funny to see them now

during my stay James was able to join me on two mountain bike rides
we hit Betasso with Rocco
then we drove out together to Hall Ranch
good times for sure
nice season opener for me and my mountain bike

yes... good times for sure
Boulder is Boulder
and well...
I like Boulder Colorado

more photos to come
chase these links for words and images
too scatter brain right now to compose a thought

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